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Pull-Up Assistance Strap

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The Pull-Up Assistance Strap is a perfect aid you to help you to go above the pull-up bar without somebody physically supporting you. Whether you are looking to do your first pull-up or achieve more than what you can already do, this particular equipment will be a great help in your pull-up training. With this, you can now perform more exercises rather than just pull-up alone. Maximise the potential of your pull-up bar with this equipment.

HELP YOU TO GO FROM ZERO TO HERO: As proven by fitness experts, there is really no other way than starting off with an assisted pull-up if you are looking to break your zero pull-up record. Rest assured that once you can do one pull-up, the second, third, and so on will come naturally.

UP YOUR PULL-UP GAME: Great if you are already able to do some standard pull-ups. However different posture will allow you to train different parts of your muscle group. A simple search will tell you what other pull-up variations you can perform with a pull-up bar to achieve your fitness goal with one single bar.

MAXIMISE THE USAGE OF YOUR PULL-UP BAR: With a simple addition of this equipment to your pull-up bar, you are now able to perform other exercises. You can literally have an entire gym built on the pull-up bar.

THE BEST PAL THROUGH FITNESS JOURNEY: Perfect for beginners and great for experts. This single piece of equipment will help you to achieve your first pull-up and aid you in other advanced pull-ups and exercises as your progress.

DURABLE AND STURDY: Made with high-quality material, the Pull-Up Assistance Strap is one that you can have 100% confidence in when working out. With absolute safety, you can now have a piece of mind and focus on working out.

ADJUSTABLE TO ANY LENGTH: It is cleverly designed to be able to adjust to any length. The shorter it is, the more support you will receive and vice versa. In another word, you are able to decide the amount of assistance you need. You may consider using less assistance and allow your muscle to do more work over time.

Everyone started off as a zero fighter. However, it is a choice whether you are determined to break the zero and become a hero. Not everyone has the luxury of someone being always there to aid him/her whenever making an attempt to do the first pull-up. Or sometimes the person assisting you is just isn't strong enough to support. The Pull-Up Assistance Strap is your invisible hand to help you out 24/7, rain or shine to ensure that nothing stops you from doing your first pull-up or achieving your desired pull-up goals.


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