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Performance Enhancement Training Mask

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The performance enhancement training mask helps make your regular workout more rewarding without any additional effort. Take control of the oxygen intake to increase the intensity which helps to strengthen the lungs and heart with nothing more than just this mask. Start making every session more efficient today!

SAME ROUTINE BUT DOUBLE THE RESULT: Performing more reps or increase your exercise duration is usually to make the lungs and heart work harder in order to strengthen it. With this training mask, you can now regulate the amount of oxygen intake without changing your usual workout routine. This in turn helps to stress the heart and lungs which will produce an even better result than working out harder. Training smart is the new way to go.

BOOST STAMINA: Stimulating high altitude forces you to take a deep breath, tighten your diaphragm and respiratory system. Makes your lungs stronger and teaches your body to become more efficient in using oxygen. Make each session more meaningful.

INCREASE ENDURANCE: The training mask helps to take control of your breathing by increasing the body tolerance to CO2. It helps to hold some of the exhaled CO2 which allows you to breathe in air with a higher CO2 concentration. This will lead to higher endurance in the long run.

TAKE FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR FITNESS: You are the master to your body. Increase the altitude each time easily to reach your next goal by simply adjusting the regulator.

CORE STRENGTHENING BONUS SIDE EFFECT: Using the training mask regularly will require your diaphragm to work regardless if you are doing any core workout. This offers a bonus side effect by giving you a stronger core over time.

PICK THE RIGHT SIZE ACCORDING TO YOUR WEIGHT: The Performance Enhancement Training Mask is uniquely designed with a different air filter gap to give you the best result depending on your weight.

S: <143lbs (<65kg)
M: 143-220lbs (65-100kg)
L: >220lbs (>100kg)

Longer workout or increasing intensity may not always be the best way to improve your fitness. Ever since the introduction of the Performance Enhancement Training Mask, athletes are now able to make their training session twice as effective without doing anything different. Spend less time to achieve more result, training smart is the new way to go!


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