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Spring Mechanism Resistance Ab Sculptor

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Evolve Over™ Spring Mechanism Resistance Ab Sculptor makes ab building easier and more effective. It offers resistance on the roll out and assistance on the roll back, engaging the muscle thoroughly. Every ab and arm workout is amplified to maximise muscle growth faster than ever. Its roll back mechanism assists a starter to recover to the original position easier and reserve energy to perform more reps making each session more fruitful.

SCULPT YOUR PHYSIQUE FROM HOME WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANKSkip the crowded gym, save on the membership, and build your beach body from home conveniently with this one single device. The Spring Mechanism Resistance Ab Sculptor helps to tone and strengthen your obliques, lower ab, and upper abs. It gives you everything you need to achieve nicely chiseled shoulders, shredded arms and v-shape back.

FASTER RESULT IN LESS TIME: Wide spherical wheel allows you to pivot left or right, making it possible to hit all 4 sets of abdominal and strengthen the core muscle effectively. Something that regular rollers can never do. This unique design also provides a better balance which prevents you from falling off regularly and gives greater confidence when exercising. The built-in resistance to improve overall muscle engagement which produces faster workout results in less time.

FOR SAFER WORKOUT & PREVENT INJURY: Many have suffered a back injury while working with a regular roller. Which will require medical treatment and affect the rest of life. With the help of carbon spring embedded within, this equipment provides resistance on rolling out to activate the abdominal muscles, while offering little assistance on the way back. This assistance eliminates pressure on the lower back that can cause harm in the long run. An important feature regular ab rollers lack.

PERFECT FOR BEGINNER: The patent dynamic spring mechanism is a game-changer to ab building. A beginner can now perform more reps thanks to the roll back assistance making it possible to have a proper workout which improves confidence and motivation. 

AND GREAT FOR HARDCORE TRAINING: Already have a strong ab? Challenge yourself by pivoting left or right with the large wide wheel design that no other rollers can offer. Allow the roll back assistance to eliminate the pressure on your lower back to enjoy a safe and effective workout. Be responsible for your body.

Ab rollers training is the most effective workout for anybody who is looking to burn belly fats or build a beach body. A traditional ab wheel is only able to offer so much which limits one's potential to achieve the desired physique and also compromises safety. If you are just starting off, wouldn't it be nice to have an invisible hand giving you a tiny help during each roll back to keep you motivated to perform more reps? Our Spring Mechanism Resistance Ab Sculptor is here to change all of that. Everyone can now enjoy a safer and more effective result in half the time.


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