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Premium Resistance Loop Bands Set

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The Premium Resistance Loops Bands Set is a perfect complement to integrate into any popular exercises such as yoga, pilates, and more to bring your workout to the next level. It can be used on a standalone basis to general exercises, stretching, strength training, or power weight program. So effective, portable, and space-saving that you can even keep it inside your bag.

BUILD VARIOUS MUSCLE GROUP: This single set of 5 can be used on almost any part of your muscle group which helps to tone and strengthen.

VERSATILE AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This 5 piece quality bands provide an endless possibility to your home workout. It can also be used to complement your standard regime taking your fitness to the next level in a shorter time.

5 LEVEL ADJUSTANCE RESISTANCE: As you progress, simply switch to a high resistance level or strap on two bands at the same time to increase the challenge without purchasing any other additional equipment. Practical and cost-effective.


SPACE-SAVING & PORTABLE: Effective training does not always require heavy machines which often requires a large amount of space to hold it. These bands can be kept literally inside a drawer or simply left on the table when you are done using them. Bring it along in your bag without feeling any additional weight to sneak a quick workout while traveling.

While the concept of these bands is simple, the benefits it offers are magic. Strap it around your hands or legs to instantly increase the difficulty of your regular workout by 1-5 times which helps to produce more results without spending more time. With just a little more effort, every workout session can be more productive and meaningful. Perfect for both beginners and experts.


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