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Why Pull-Up Is One Of The Best Home Workout?

June 20, 2020

Every person has a different workout routine. It may include resistance training, dancing, bodyweight movements, sports, or even just walking. Regardless, we know that exercise is good for the body. It helps us to stay healthy and in the best shape, we possibly can be.

Out of the millions of workouts and exercise, there is one movement that is a great cornerstone. It’s the pull-up. At its core, the pull-up is one of the most foundational movements out there. Doing pull-ups regularly can help to build up very important muscles in the back and shoulders. This sets the stage to build a strong, yet healthy body.

The shoulder is one of the most injured parts of the body. Often times this comes from the way we sit and work all day. We bend over, almost like a letter “C” for hours on end. Over time this ends up making the muscles in the upper back weak. When these muscles are weak, we overuse the muscle on the front of the body. When this overuse begins to happen, so do injuries. How can we prevent this? We can work out the stabilizing muscles of the back. Now, what is the best exercise for this? A pull-up!

There is one issue that individuals run into. Finding a place to actually do them! You could go to a local gym and use their equipment, but this costs more money and involves leaving home. Some people may create some homemade devices to hang from, but this is obviously not a very safe option. You could even buy a door frame pull-up bar. Yet, most of these are not that secure and could lead to injury. 

That’s where a reliable doorway pull-up bar comes in. Our Evolve Over Gravity Tightening Pull-Up Bar is guaranteed to hold up to 440lbs. Whether you are already benefitting from our pull-up bar or are considering it, there are tons of benefits.

Benefits of an at Home Pull-Up Bar

First off, having a pull-up bar like this is super convenient. When looking to strengthen that back, you can pretty much do them all day. This would balance out the overuse that you are giving the front side of the body. Maybe you take 5-10 minutes at multiple times of the day to knock out a couple of pull-ups. Over time, this adds up and can lead to some pretty impressive gains.

You also may be a little self-conscious of your ability to do pull-ups. This may lead you to not even try them at a public gym. If you have your very own home pull-up bar to practice on you can build up your strength and confidence. Whether a beginner or a pro this is a great tool to have at your disposal.

There is the benefit of convenience and the luxury of working out in private. Both of which are priceless in some situations. Is a home pull-up bar worth it? 100%!

You may also be thinking, “I can’t even do pull-ups!”

Lucky for you, we also have the Ultimate 11 Pieces Resistance Band Set that you can use in addition to the pull-up bar to build strength. This will help get you prepared for the full-on pull-ups and you’ll be on top of the bar in no time!

Why Work Out at Home?

Now, these benefits also apply to the idea of even working out at home. This may be a new venture for some people, so here are a few benefits:

  • Takes less time
  • More private
  • Room to mess up and get better
  • No social pressure
  • More sanitary
  • No wait times for equipment
  • Cheaper

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to working out at home. This is why so many people are making the change to buying equipment to use at home instead of driving to the gym every day.

Not So Obvious Benefits of Pull-Ups

Now, there are obvious benefits of pull-ups such as strength and stability. However, what else can you expect from including pull-ups in your routine? 

You can expect to see a dramatic drop in the amount of injuries you experience. Especially when it comes to the shoulders. As previously stated, the shoulders are very prone to injury, and even more so when the back is weak. Do your pull-ups and keep your shoulders safe!

Your confidence level is also going to improve. Not only will they get you in better shape and help build muscle, but your posture can change. The change that occurs in the musculature will literally pull you into a more upright standing position. This changes the entire mood of the room when you walk in. So, while you’ll be feeling good about yourself as you get stronger, you’ll literally look more confident.

Bonus: 3 Pull-up Variations

You may think there is just one way to do pull-ups, but there are actually multiple ways to adjust the exercise. We’re going to share three that you can use in your routines. 

  • Pronated Grip Pull-up
  • Supinated Grip Pull-up
  • Close Grip Pull-up

Now, you may or may not have heard of these. All of them just require a switch in the grip you are using.

The first is the pronated grip. This is the most common version. Your palms are wrapped over the bar and face forward. From here, you just pull your chest to the bar. This is great for building a wide back!

The second is the supinated grip and this just involves the opposite grip of the first. Your palms will be facing you this time. Pull-ups like this build the lower lats, which lead to a very “V” look. This is something people chase because it will make them look thinner.

The third is the close-grip pull-up. This can be done with either grip and just involves moving the hands inwards. Close-grip pull-ups lead to bigger biceps and a strong middle back!