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Weight Loss Plan

July 16, 2020

Weight loss is one of, if not the most desired outcome of nutrition and exercise. Many people are working to feel better, look better, and move better. All of which can be accomplished by losing weight.

When it comes to a weight loss plan, there are a few things you need to consider. There isn’t one single aspect that is going to give you results. Rather, it is a combination of variables that will lead to your success.

The first thing you need is dedication or commitment. This is the hardest part for some people and ends up being one of the biggest roadblocks for them. Getting started takes just one small step, yet that one small step feels like a heavy one. Many may be scared or have fear surrounding what is to come next with this sort of commitment, but in the end, it’s always worth it. Overcoming that fear, dedicating time and energy into something, and taking action to commit are definitely the first things you’ll need to focus on.

From there you need to focus on the discipline aspect. This is what will help you even when motivation is low. Motivation is something that fades over time, but discipline does not. Discipline is also something that takes work. So, as you begin, just remember that it won’t be perfect. There will be days when you don’t follow through or fall a little off-plan. Just remember your discipline and get back to doing all of the incredible work you were before. Discipline is most often shown in your day to day habits. So, you can start by creating a habit that really sets your day in motion. This could look like making your bed, or a breakfast routine. Regardless of what it is, having this for your weight loss plan is crucial.

Diet is the third most important component of a weight loss plan. You are going to be a direct byproduct of what you eat. If you are eating a high-calorie diet, full of processed foods and sugar then you aren’t going to fair well. However, if you eat a nutrient-dense, high micronutrient diet then you have a much higher chance of success with your weight loss plan. You will most importantly have to be in a calorie deficit, which means you eat less than what you need to maintain your weight. If you need 3,000 calories to stay at 250lbs, then you would need to eat below that number to lose weight. This can all be figured out by googling a simple calorie calculator.

Lastly, you have your exercise routine. This is after your diet because you can’t out-train a bad diet. If you are eating terribly and working out, you may not see much of a difference. Regardless, your exercise should be something that is going to keep you injury-free and allow you to be consistent. If you are a beginner, then you need to start as a beginner. A great place to do so is with a space-saving home gym or following along with a simple HIIT program (high-intensity interval training).


A Simple Weight Loss Plan

For example, here is a simple plan that could be followed in daily life.

Build yourself a calorie intake goal by using a calorie calculator. Make sure that you have the setting set for a weight loss amount. From there, you have your goal calories. Now, you need to build your good choices. All of the foods that you choose to consume should be whole foods. These are things that have not been processed much. All vegetables, fresh meats, whole grains, and fruits are considered whole foods. A diet similar to this would also be considered Paleo-ish. The goal is to make most of your food choices something that has been grown or raised. This ensures that you are eating the right nutrients, but also not going extremely high on your calories.

While following those diet guidelines, you should also be following an exercise plan. Below is a great, general split that you could follow in your routine.

Day 1: Lower body weights

Day 2: HIIT

Day 3: Upper body weights

Day 4: HIIT

Day 5: Core and arms

Day 6: HIIT

Day 7: Rest

All of the above can be done from home using simple at-home gym equipment as well!

The point is that many people are looking to lose the extra belly fat that they may be carrying. Following a diet like this and not falling off of it often will help to fix this. A workout routine similar to the one above is also designed to get the heart rate high, burn belly fat, and build muscle. With this, you have a recipe for success when looking to lose weight.

In A Nutshell

That’s what it takes to successfully carry out a weight loss program. If weight loss is your fitness goal, then keep a lookout for our upcoming article. In that article, we will be talking about various types of exercise to improve each different muscle on your body.