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High Intensity Interval Training

July 21, 2020

You have more than likely heard of the term HIIT. But what does that even mean? It means high-intensity interval training. This is a form of exercise that bases its structure of short burst of intense exercise, followed by a period of rest. This is effective because it really makes the body-work by increasing the heart rate, and then working to get it back to normal levels.

What makes HIIT so awesome is that it doesn’t take a lot of time, it doesn’t take a ton of space, and it burns a ton of calories. This makes it super popular for the busy person who is trying to stay in shape.

HIIT is a suitable form of exercise for pretty much anyone. It can be adjusted to fit really any experience levels. The exercises chosen can be insanely simple or even more complex. The beginner can build themselves a good baseline and get in incredible shape, but the expert can use this as a tool to take their fitness to new heights. 

HIIT may have a cardio component to it, but it can also use weights as well. However, the main function of weight loss is going to increases cardiac output. It may sound simple on paper, but it’s totally normal for someone to be out of breath doing this type of exercise. In fact, HIIT is a vital component in our weight loss plan.

As mentioned before, these kinds of intense workouts can be very time efficient. So, here are some examples of timed workouts. Keep in mind that these are intense workouts, and the longer you do them, the harder they become.

Workout Plan

10-minutes HIIT workout - Great for anyone who is just starting off or with a busy schedule.
Perform each exercise one after another for 60 seconds with 30 seconds of rest after each exercise.

  • Air squat (butt back, knee out, chest up)
  • Push-up (elbows tucked, back flat, chest to the ground)
  • Sit-up (knees up, sit all the way to the top of the knees)

20-minutes HIIT workout - Increase the intensity for better result
Perform each exercise one after another for 60 seconds with 30 seconds of rest in after each exercise.

  • Burpees (get all the way to the ground, pop up with hips or use legs)
  • Jump Rope (stay on toes and keep elbow tucked, only use wrist - here's a perfect jump rope to this exercise)
  • Air Squat (butt back, knee out, chest up)

30-minute HIIT workout - The ultimate advance workout for those who are ready
Likewise 60 seconds workout with 30 seconds of rest after each exercise. At the 14 minute mark, rest for 2 minutes before starting again.

  • Walking Lunges (90-degree at the knee and chest up_
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Jogging On The Spot
  • Sit-Ups

Rest for 2 minutes

  • Air Squats
  • Push-Ups
  • Pull-Ups

Who Is This Suited For?

With the times increasing on these workouts, they will also increase in difficulty. The lower the time, the better for the beginner as they get into this type of exercise. While the exercises may be basic, anything performed at a higher intensity can prove to be difficult. More advanced exercises can be added into this same format for something a little more challenging as well.

A good way to make this more challenging is to incorporate dumbbells. These are pieces of equipment that don’t take up a ton of space and can be extremely versatile. You would even be well off with a dumbbell that can be adjusted for changes in weight, this way you only need one. This one here is perfect for these types of workouts, especially if done from home.

It should also be noted that the dumbbell could be used with a beginner style workout as well. By keeping the movements fundamental and basic, while also lowering the duration of the workout; a beginner could easily follow this structure!


30-Day HIIT Challenge

A lot can be accomplished within 30-days. Especially if you are using the HIIT style of training. Along with a good diet, HIIT can produce some pretty amazing results.

The goal is to accomplish 4 weeks of 4 workouts a week. That’s right. Out of 7 days in a week, you need to complete just four workouts. These can be based on your experience level, but just have to be completed. 

Give this 30-days and you’ll start to notice some changes in your belly fat, muscle mass, and even energy levels. The goal is also to keep this going after the 30-days. This is the perfect kickstart for you.

You’ll also want to find an accountability partner for this. Having a friend to hold you accountable and go on this challenge with you is crucial for success!


Go Try It Out!

Now that you know how HIIT works! Go give it a try. Even if you are starting off small, you are making better choices for you. Pick up a HIIT workout at the gym or even from the comfort of your home!